Gaffer Tape

Gaffer Tape

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Anti-Corrosion Tape (Price per box)

Campbell International anti-corrosion tape, designed for protection below ground or underwater against corrosion on pipework, metal surfaces, cables and temporary sealing of fractured mains and cable joints. Sizes: 30mm x 10mtr - Box of 60 - (£6.32/each) 50mm x 10mtr - Box of 36 ..


Contractor Gafa Tape (Price per box)

Campbell International contractor gafa tape is our most popular Cloth Tape that has been the industry favourite for many years, for many reasons! A good instant grab, a good waterproof backing and available in a range of 11 colours makes this the ideal Duct Tape for contractors throughout industr..


Double Sided Rayon Cloth Tape (AT308)

AT308 Advance double sided rayon cloth tape - One of the strngest double sided cloth tape available. - Good low temperature resistance. - Widest temperature range of double sided cloth tape. Available in the following configurations: 25mm x 25m - Box of 48 50mm x 25m - Box of 24 ..


Economy Gafa Tape (Price per box)

Campbell International gafa tape is a general purpose polythene laminated cloth tape that can be used for light industrial jobs and perfect for indoor maintenance applications. This is a real price fighter that delivers a great quality at a great price. Sizes: 12mm x 50m - Box of 96 19mm x..


Flame Retardant Gafa Tape Contact Us to Order

Flame Retardant Gafa Tape

Please Contact us for prices. Campbell International Flame Retardant Duct Tape, it is the only tape to use in applications where flame retardance is required, seals duct work, fibreglass insulation and can be used for the wire harness industry. Please note this product is only available when ..


Matt Gafa Tape (Price per box)

A strong durable Gaffa Tape with a moisture resistant, non reflective matt finish that is the choice of contractors working within the TV, Theatre and Film industry but has found many applications in industry world-wide. A strong tape available in a choice of colours. Sizes: 12mm x 50m - ..


Nuclear Grade Gafa Tape Contact Us to Order

Nuclear Grade Gafa Tape

Please Contact us for prices. Campbell International nuclear grade PE coated cloth tape meets NRC and ASME Standards and has a high moisture resistance and high adhesion for difficult surfaces. Applications include holding dosimeters, sealing insulation, colour coding, wrapping pipe ends, sea..


Premium Quality Gafa Tape (Price per box)

Campbell International premium gafa tape was originally designed for the asbestos removal industry, this tape has high adhesion for difficult surfaces, has a crisp straight tear and resists twisting and curling. This tape saves you time and money as 1strip always does the job! Sizes: 48mm ..