Protective Tapes

Protective Tapes
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Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Wrap Insulation Tape

Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Wrap Insulation Tape coated with an anti-corrosive aggressive adhesive. Size: 48mm x 33m Colour: Black Thickness: 0.25mm Tensile Strength at Break: 44N/cm Elongation at Break: 200% Adhesion to Steel: 2.4 N/10mm Adhesion to Self: 2.4 N/10mm Dielectric Strength..


PolyWeld (Non-Vulcanising) Pipe ID Tape Contact Us to Order

PolyWeld (Non-Vulcanising) Pipe ID Tape

Campbell International All Weather PolyWeld Pipeline (Non-Vulcanising) Identification Tape - For use on Kaifle x Protect R and Other Protective Coatings Do you have trouble sticking tape to rubber insulation because of vulcanising of the adhesive with the rubber, this chemical reaction cause..


Black Low Tack Protection Tape - 25mm x 100m (Price per box)

Campbell International black protection tape helps prevent surface damage to metals and plastic parts. Commonly found in the glazing industry this tape protects against scratching during transit etc. Size: 25mm x 100m - Box of 48. ..


Clear All Weather PE Protective Tape

Campbell International clear all weather polythene tape repairs, seals and joins and resists the outdoor elements. The tape is waterproof and unaffected by extremes of temperature.This tape can be used to cover other pipeline tapes to provide more protection against extreme conditions. Size: 50mm x..


Clear Carpet Protection Tape - 600mm x 50m

The ultimate clear carpet protection system with the adhesive coating on the outside so all you have to do place the roll on the floor and simply roll it out ! Safer than dustsheets and has a multitude of uses across all trade sectors. Size: 600mm x 50m - Clear ..


Premium All Weather PE Tape - 25mm x 33m (Price per box) Contact Us to Order

Premium All Weather PE Tape - 25mm x 33m (Price per box)

Campbell International premium moisture resistant tough polythene tape is very conformable to irregular surfaces. The tape provides superior adhesion to PE sheeting and rough surfaces and has excellent outdoor performance. Size: 25mm x 33m - Box of 48. Colour: Black, White, Red, Blue, Y..


White Coated Low Tack Protection Tape - 25mm x 150m (Price per box)

This tape has the same protective qualities as our black low tack protection tape but it is co-extruded so the black tape has a white top surface that can easily be written on for identification purposes. Size: 25mm x 150m - Box of 48. ..