Other Pipeline Identification Tape

Other Pipeline Identification Tape

We don't mind what you call it; Pipeline ID Tape, Pipeline Marking Tape, Pipe Marker Tape, Pipe Marking Tape, Pipeline Marker Tape, Pipe Labelling, Pipeline Labelling, Pipeline Labelling Tape, Pipeline Label Tape, Pipe Label, Pipe Labels, Pipeline Label, Pipeline Labels... We just care about quality, standard compliant tape!

We are experts in the tape design, print, manufacture and testing process. We can offer bespoke orders for specialist adhesives or protection, offering extreme adhesion, durability, chemical and temperature resistance.

 Remember; we can print any design and meet any specification.

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Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Wrap Corrosion Protection Tape

Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Wrap Insulation Tape coated with an anti-corrosive aggressive adhesive. Size: 48mm x 33m Colour: Black Thickness: 0.25mm Tensile Strength at Break: 44N/cm Elongation at Break: 200% Adhesion to Steel: 2.4 N/10mm Adhesion to Self: 2.4 N/10mm Dielectric Strength: 1250 Volts/Mil M..


PolyWeld (Non-Vulcanising)  - All Weather Pipe Identification (ID) Tape Contact Us to Order

PolyWeld (Non-Vulcanising) - All Weather Pipe Identification (ID) Tape

Campbell International All Weather PolyWeld Pipeline (Non-Vulcanising) Identification Tape - For use on Kaifle x Protect R and Other Protective Coatings Do you have trouble sticking tape to rubber insulation because of vulcanising of the adhesive with the rubber, this chemical reaction cause..


Vellotape Premium Grade Polyethelene Pipe Wrap Corrosion Protection Tape

Vellotape Premium Grade Polyethelene Tape Size: 50mm x 33m Colour: Yellow Thickness: 150micron Contact Us for more information. ..