Other Pipeline Identification Tape

Other Pipeline Identification Tape
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Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Wrap Insulation Tape

Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Wrap Insulation Tape coated with an anti-corrosive aggressive adhesive. Size: 48mm x 33m Colour: Black Thickness: 0.25mm Tensile Strength at Break: 44N/cm Elongation at Break: 200% Adhesion to Steel: 2.4 N/10mm Adhesion to Self: 2.4 N/10mm Dielectric Strength..


PolyWeld (Non-Vulcanising) Pipe ID Tape Contact Us to Order

PolyWeld (Non-Vulcanising) Pipe ID Tape

Campbell International All Weather PolyWeld Pipeline (Non-Vulcanising) Identification Tape - For use on Kaifle x Protect R and Other Protective Coatings Do you have trouble sticking tape to rubber insulation because of vulcanising of the adhesive with the rubber, this chemical reaction cause..