Campbell International supplies a hand-picked selection of industrial chemicals, carefully selected for quality and requirement. Please contact us for our full range.

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Billy Blob Glue Dots

No mess, no fuss, Billy Blobs Glue Dots are a popular blob of glue ideal for mounting samples. free gifts or virtually anything to anything!Available in Removable or Permanent glue and available in 3 standard sizes. Call us today for your bespoke requirements!Sizes:Small - 5mm - 5000 per roll - 18 r..


Interflon Fin Super Dry-Film Lubricant 300ml

The Interflon Fin Super Dry-Film Lubricant is fortified with their unique MicPol® Technology which helps to reduce mechanical friction more than traditional oils and greases. This high performing dry-film lubricant can be used to loosen rusted or frozen parts, silence squeaks and prevent the formati..


Isopropanol Alcohol - High Strength (5L)

99.9% High Strength Isopropyl Alcohol 5 Litre (5000mL)Comes in HDPE UN approved Jerry Can w/ a Tamper Proof CapIndustrial Grade Organic Solvent, De-Greaser, Multi Purpose Cleaner and DisinfectantIsopropanol is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C3H8O or C3H7OH or CH3CHOHCH3. It is a colo..


Pro-Long Kjede Wire Olje+ (Chain and wire oil+) Lubricant 500ml

CharacteristicsKEDE AND WIRE OLJE + is a highly developed crawling lubricant with good penetration capability.KEDE AND WIRE OIL + is water resistant and protects well against salt water and steam.BenefitsCan be applied to all metal surfaces and is specially developed for wire and chain lubrication.P..


Pro-Long Spraygrease+ (Spray Grease+) Lubricant 400ml

CharacteristicsEasy to apply to hard-to-reach places.Excellent adhesion to metals.Excellent lubricant.Protects against moisture and rust.Lasts a long time.BenefitsCan be applied to all metal surfaces and is specially developed for wire and chain lubrication.Prevents corrosion attack and rust formati..


Tectyl Multi Purpose Anti-Corrosive Protective Coating 506

A versatile wax-based aerosol designed for rust prevention for automotive, industrial, marine, and domestic use. Provides long-term anti-corrosive protection via a water-displacing, translucent amber coloured wax coating.TECTYL MULTIPURPOSE 506 cures to an amber coloured, waxy, semi-firm translucent..