Plastic/Polythene Products

Plastic/Polythene Products

We stock the below standard plastic/polythene products, in addition to these we also supply a complete range of plastic/polythene packaging and protective products. Please contact us with your requirements.

We also supply plastic products in the following categories:

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Blue Vest Plastic Carrier Bags (11x16.5x20" / 280x410x510mm)

Description: Strong Blue Vest Plastic Carrier BagsSize: 11x16.5x20" / 280x410x510mmQuantity: 1000 ..


Clear Polybags (18 x 24" / 450 x 600mm x 100gauge)

Description: Clear PolybagsSize: 18 x 24" / 450 x 600mm x 100gaugeQuantity: 250 ..


255x330mm 50micron 10" x 13" Clear Polythene Poly Self Seal Envelopes / Bags / Mailing Sacks, Qty 1000

Polythene Self Seal Envelopes / Bags / Polybags Not suitable for food use. Excellent for magazine mailing.Size: 255 x 330mm with 40mm Flap, 50 micron thick polytheneQuantity: 1000..


400mm x 200m x 34micron Pallet Stretch Wrap

Size: 400mm x 200m x 34micronDescription: Strong and clear film: sticky only to itself to prevent products on pallets from moving while in transit. Very popular pallet wrap in the food industry...


500mm x 200m x 25micron Black Pallet Stretch Wrap

Size: 500mm x 200m x 25micronDescription: Strong and black film: sticky only to itself to prevent products on pallets from moving while in transit. ..


Heat Shrink Pallet Covers / Hoods 1300x1150x1950mm for 1200x1000mm Pallets

Size: 1300 x 1150 x 1950mm for 1200 x 1000mm palletsShrink covers on a roll 1300/2350 x 1950mm125micron polytheneQuantity: 30 sheets per rollPrice per roll...


Pallet Top Sheets Top Hats Polythene Dust Covers

Size: 900/1800mm x 1600mm x 40micron/160gauge - perforated on a roll. Quantity: 200 sheets per rollPolythene is folded in half before it is rolled up so the roll is 900mm wide but the sheets are 1800mm wide.Price per roll...