Envelope Guide

Envelope Guide
Pocket Envelopes

Pocket Envelopes

- Opens at the side.
Wallet Envelopes

Wallet/Mailer Envelopes

- Opens at the top.
Invitation Envelope

Invitation/Diamond Flap Envelopes

- Has a diamond-shaped flap, often used for invitations or cards.
C4 Envelope

C4 Envelopes

- A4 Size - Used mainly for important letters, brochures or catalogues which should not be folded.
- Measures 32.4cm by 22.9cm. (324mm x 228mm, 12.8" x 9.0")
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C5 Envelopes

C5 Envelopes

- A5 Size, for A5 paper or A4 paper which is folded in half. - Used commonly for multi page letters which are only folded onece making it look more professional. Also used for flyers or A5 brochures or catalogues. - Measures 22.9cm by 16.2cm. (229mm x 162mm, 9.0" x 6.4")
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C6 Envelopes

C6 Envelopes

- A5 folded in half or A4 folded in quarters. - Used for invitations and greeting cards mainly. - Measures 11.4cm by 16.2cm. (114mm x 162mm, 6.4" x 4.5") View our C6 range >>
DL Envelopes

DL (Dimension Lengthwise) Envelopes

- A4 folded in three or A5 folded in half lengthways. - Generally used for single page letters as it is them ost common business envelope. Is not generally used for letters more than three pages long as they have to be folded twice this may look unprofessional. - Measures 11.0cm by 22.0cm (110 x 220 mm, 4.3" x 8.6") View our DL range >>

Padded Envelopes

Bubble Envelopes are envelopes lined with bubblewrap ensuring maximum protection for its contents. Bubble envelopes are often used to post bulky but delicate items rather than just letters. These are perfect for eBay packaging. Jiffy Bags are rugged, all-purpose envelopes. They are paper fiber cushioned, constructed from a heavy-duty kraft with a uniform inner batting (padding) that provides excellent cushioning protection.

Board Backed Envelopes

Board Backed Envelopes have one side made of a thick card, this offers protection from bending and damage, they keep fragile or important documents safe from damage or wear.

Gusset Envelopes

Gusset envelopes are envelopes with an expandable "V" shaped sides which massively increase the capacity of the envelope. Available in a range of sizes our gusset envelopes are made of a paper thickness of 115-155gsm, therefore they are strong with a large capacity ideal for sending multi-page documents or catalogs and other bulky items, all our gusset envelops are "peel and seal".

We also offer an extensive range machine envelopes, wage envelopes, CD, plastic and other types of envelope.

Gummed Envelopes

The most traditional and best value way of sealing an envelope. The glue on the flap of the envelope must be moistened by licking or a sponge and sealed.

Self Sealing Envelopes

As the most common way of sealing a business envelope there is a strip of glue on the flap and envelope which seal when pressed together. This is slightly more expensive than gummed envelopes however it is more convenient and forms a tighter bond.

Peel and Seal Envelopes

With a peel and seal envelopes, the strip of glue on the flap is protected by a plastic strip which is removed and disposed of on sealing. The strongest bond is formed with peel and seal and the price is often similar to self-sealing envelopes.

Windowed Envelopes

Windowed envelopes allow you to display the address through the envelope saving time as the address only needs to appear on the letter. Windowed envelopes also look more professional and are often the envelope of choice for all correspondence

Plain Envelopes

Plain envelopes allow you to write or print the address on the envelope, this allows you to add a personal touch however this can look unprofessional in business situations.


The thickness of the paper used to make the envelope is measured the same way as paper, using ‘gsm’ (Grams per square meter). For most uses, 80-90gsm is used as it is the best value however for more formal or important documents you may wish to use 100-125gsm envelopes as they will feel like better quality to the person receiving the letter.


If the letter being sent is private or contains sensitive information you may wish to use opaque envelopes to ensure the writing on the inside cannot be read from outside the envelope. This is a cheived a a pattern or colour being printed on the inside of the envelope.

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