COMMUNICATIONS CABLE BELOW - Premium Detectable Underground Warning Tape

COMMUNICATIONS CABLE BELOW - Premium Detectable Underground Warning Tape


Colour: Green

Width: 150mm

Length: 100m

Thickness: 150mu (0.15mm) 

Substrate: Virgin Grade LDPE (low density polyethylene)

Ink: Highly resistant, solvent based 

Core: 76mm diameter cardboard core

PVC Content: The tape contains no PVC

Acid resistance: Highly resistant

Alkali resistance: Highly resistant

Elongation: 300%

Weight: Approx 2.5 kgs 

Premium quality, detectable warning tape to mark buried boosted cold water pipes, and allow location detection from above ground.

Features twin stainless steel tracer wires with +25% stretch without breaking


Plastic warning tape with a twin stainless steel tracer wire system. The two wires are laminated within the tape in a continuous ‘wave’ pattern that allows them to stretch by over 25%, which helps combat underground movement.

The tapes are self-coloured and overprinted with a warning message. The printing is protected by a ‘scratch-resistant’ covering of transparent plastic.


Designed to mark, locate and help protect underground utility lines.

The tape serves the dual purpose of (1) allowing location from above ground and (2) providing a visual warning to prevent third party damage.


Lay the tape in the trench approx 300mm above the pipe / cable and as close to the ground surface as possible. At one end, the tape should be brought to the ground surface to allow future connection with the location equipment.


The wires are simply pulled from within the plastic tape and twisted together to maintain electrical continuity. A more secure join can be achieved by crimping the wires together.


The tapes can be detected using even the least sophisticated pipe & cable location sets. Refer to the locator manual for precise details, but in general, the Signal Generator needs to be connected to

the wires within the tape and then Locator needs to be switched to the ‘Generator’ mode.


> Two tracer wires rather than a single tracer – double the detection ability

> Wavy wires – allows the wires to stretch by 25%. Helps compensate for underground movement.

> Easy to join – no tapes, staples, scratching off insulation etc – electrical continuity is maintained by

simply twisting the wires together. A more secure method is to use special joining crimps

> Scratch proof surface – maintains the legibility of the printing warning message

> PVC Free


Campbells detection tape is an underground detectable warning tape with two corrosion resistant tracer wires which are bonded within the detectable marker tape in a continuous sinusoidal wave form to allow 25% stretch underground without breaking.

The wide width of brightly coloured plastic gives instant, high visibility of the underground detectable tape in the trench to alert future contractors of the imminent danger. The bold, black printing on the tracer tape is covered by a scratchproof protective laminate to extend durability. The underground detection tape is free from PVC and made from heavy duty, 100% virgin grade plastic.

The detection tape is quick to install by simply unrolling along the trench, and the wavy wires of the metallic tape are easy to join. Quality matters: Each roll of detectable underground warning tape is tested after manufacture to ensure electrical continuity. 

Complies with the following specifications:

BS2782 (testing)

BS381c (colours)

BS3012 (plastics)

NJUG 4 Identification of small buried mains & services

NJUG 7 Recommended positioning of utilities

NJUG 9 Guidelines on positioning & colour coding of utilities

Complies with the UK Civil Engineers specification

UKT09POW complies with the Department of Transport HIGHWAYS specification clause 16/11

UKT09WAT complies with UK water company specifications for ‘detectable warning tapes for buried

plastic pipelines’

UKT09GAS complies with UK gas company specification for ‘tracer tape for underground utility lines’

In addition, the tapes comply with various specifications for both UK and non-UK authorities.

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