CAUTION ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW (English and Arabic) - Premium Underground Warning Tape

CAUTION ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW (English and Arabic) - Premium Underground Warning Tape

Print: CAUTION ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW (English and Arabic)

Colour: Yellow

Width: 150mm

Length: 365m

Thickness: 50mu (0.05mm) 

Substrate: Virgin Grade LDPE (low density polyethylene)

Ink: Highly resistant, solvent based 

Core: 76mm diameter cardboard core

PVC Content: The tape contains no PVC

Acid resistance: Highly resistant

Alkali resistance: Highly resistant

Elongation: 300%

Weight: Approx 2.5 kgs 


Self-coloured, plastic warning tape overprinted with a warning identification text. Designed to mark the position of buried utility lines and help reduce the risk of third party damage. Made from 100% virgin polyethylene with high acid & alkali resistance. Free from PVC. 


For best results, the tape should be installed as close to the ground surface as possible.  We recommend that due consideration is given to the NJUG guidelines, although a typical installation would see a utility line buried at a depth of 600mm then the trench backfilled by 300mm and the tape laid directly on top i.e 300mm below the ground surface. 

Complies with the following specifications:

BS2782 (testing) 

BS381c (colours) 

BS3012 (plastics) 

NJUG 4  Identification of small buried mains & services 

NJUG 7  Recommended positioning of utilities 

NJUG 9  Guidelines on positioning & colour coding of utilities 

In addition, the tapes comply with various specifications for both UK and non-UK authorities.

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